Important Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Diamond Thermal Systems has been acquired by Brace Integrated Services, Inc (Houston, TX).

We have moved to a new facility (larger and with room for future expansion!) and have added new services to our existing heat trace service:

• Insulation
• Scaffolding

Please visit our website for further information. We look forward to continuing to provide our excellent service and products to all of our customers!

New Phone


New address

12 John Road – Unit A
Sutton, MA 01590


Not Too Hot. Not Too Cold. Just Right.

ANY critical-path process that involves temperature control, hot or cold, can keep you up at night. We all know that heat trace systems are your “insurance” against catastrophic process failures or the show-stopping expensive glitches that can result from failure to control temperature.

Heat trace systems can save you thousands of dollars by preventing process failures and damage. This goes for manufacturing and industrial processes (including power generation, chemical processing, paper manufacturing, food products, and municipal infrastructure) as well as the protection of property and physical plant.

Are YOU a “sitting duck” for winter ice, snow, and ice dam problems? Are YOU responsible 24/7 for the care and maintenance of process-critical components: equipment, valves, tubing, pumps, or pipes that are vulnerable to temperature fluctuations outside nominal operating range? When you’re ready to sleep better at night, you need to talk to us.

It’s Not Enough

It’s not enough to install a few electric heat trace lines and hope for the best. Without a properly planned, designed, implemented, and maintained system, you’re asking for trouble. Monitoring the system for problems AFTER installation is as critical to the protection it provides as is installing it in the first place. Anything short of a full solution is no solution at all.

Diamond Thermal Systems Does Heat Trace

Electric Heat Trace systems are our ONLY business. Because we specialize in thermal transfer products and services, you can come to us for all your thermal solutions for heat trace systems and heat exchanger / heat transfer equipment, installations, and maintenance. And you can benefit from our more than 20 years of experience and expertise for your project, regardless of size, complexity, or location.

We Hold the Patent

Five years of research and more than 5,000 manhours of development have gone into the development of the Diamond Thermal Systems wireless electric heat trace and monitoring system, for which we were awarded a patent in 2015. SEE MORE.

What This Means for YOU

We ARE your thermal solution. We can provide you with independent design, sales, service, and support services to assist you with:

  • Specification and Design Services
  • Heat Trace Systems Audits and Recommendations
  • On-Site Project Management
  • Startup and Commissioning of New or Retrofit Projects
  • CAD Drawings and Complete Documentation Services
  • Mineral Insulated Cable Heat Trace Repair Services
  • Site Installation
  • Maintenance and Training

These systems are crucial to your business, and we can make it our business to keep them running properly. Solutions tailored to YOUR needs include:

  • Turnkey Projects
  • Complete System Design
  • Installation and Project Management
  • Quality, Durable, and Reliable Electric Heat Trace Products and Accessories

For more information, please take a moment to download and read our Electrical [492 KB PDF] and Mechanical [598 KB PDF] Line Cards.