About Us

Diamond Thermal Systems was founded in 2003, but our roots in the industrial and commercial electric heat trace and thermal transfer industries date back to 1995. We employ experienced professionals and give them the tools and latitude to perform at the highest levels of excellence. They are responsible for becoming familiar with the unique requirements of your facility and applications, and they often become a trusted adviser to those we serve.

A Patented System

We all know from experience that electric heat trace systems — even with proper design and specification  can still malfunction once installed in the field. The most common causes of these malfunctions are:

  • Moisture intrusion from poor installation practices (junction boxes, conduit, insulationo barriers, etc.)
  • Insulation problems (poor installation or re-installation, moisture)
  • Maintenance issues on operating devices (valves, pumps, etc.) leading to broken or damaged lines

We know how critical a properly functioning electric heat trace system is to the operations and profitability of a plant. Even a properly designed and installed system can develop problems over time. The conclusion is clear: monitoring the “health” of the electric heat trace system is essential to smooth, effective operations and problem-prevention. THE PROBLEM How to provide a flexible, scalable, and low-cost installation of electric heat trace control that includes a monitoring system to provide effective and consistent, reliable means of alerting you when problems arise. THE SOLUTION A *WIRELESS* electric heat trace control and monitoring system that provides all of the functionality and alarming that operating plants and plant personnel need. That solution is the Diamond Thermal Wireless Electric Heat Trace Control and Monitoring System, created from expertise and patented after a 5-year period with over 5,000 manhours of development. Patent issued to Timothy R. Mullen, founder and President of Diamond Thermal Systems.

Because of our customers, we have been fortunate enough to experience significant growth since 2003. Our continued growth has been a testament to our motto:

Dedicated To Service

In business as in life, integrity counts. When we say we aren’t satisfied until YOU are satisfied, it IS that simple. We ensure that your requirements have been met, regardless of the complexity or size of the project. The result — our clients tend to remain our clients. By building trust with every transaction, we become a valued resource to you . . . a partner you can count on.