Heat Exchanger / Heat Transfer Applications

Warm Where You Need It / Cool When You Want It

WHAT could be easier, right? When it comes to industrial applications, the answer is “not so fast.” Whether it’s designing a new heating or cooling system, or working with an existing system, Diamond Thermal Systems will be on your site taking critical measurements and gathering the pertinent data for your particular application. We provide “Replacement Engineering Made Easy” for coils, fancoils, and shell & tube heat exchanger retrofits with:

  • Custom “Made to Order” Solutions for Virtually ANY Installation
  • Five and Ten-Day Guaranteed-to-Ship Programs
  • Expertise to Ensure that Your Critical Requirements Are Met — On Time. The First Time.

For your heat exchanger/heat transfer applications, we can provide:

  • Replacement Applications — A complete analysis of your existing heat exchanger / coil critical operating parameters.
  • Critical Measurements — A field survey of required “make up” measurements for replacement coils and tube bundles.
  • Engineering and Design Services — Thorough review of current operational problems and a design review with recommendations.

For more information, see our Mechanical Line Card [598 KB PDF].